e juice

Why would these facts be so interesting then? Only non-smokers would be asking such a silly question. Regular smokers of tobacco products, deemed to be extremely harmful to their health, on the other hand, will find this next bit of information interesting. In fact, it may even excite them, or motivate them to give e juice a healthy tryout. It would be healthy in the sense that it will at least be the beginning a trail towards reducing the damage already done to their lungs through years of tobacco smoking.

E-juice is also termed e-fluid or e-liquid. But that bit of information is just by the way. What is more interesting are the next few lines. The e juice is a liquid form inserted into electronic cigarettes or pipes. Two key ingredients included in the liquid solution are propylene glycol and glycerin. The propylene glycol is there for an important reason. This is to induce the usual enjoyment of the esthetic processes of smoking. It is tantamount to blowing out artificial smoke which in this case, is not hazardous to the immediate environment of the smoker.

Another interesting fact, not previously known to many, is that there are now thousands of flavors for smokers to choose from. Goodness knows how they get to decide amongst so many choices. But then again, regular smokers will, by now, have their favorites. Quite possibly, the most important information for smokers revolves around the issue of nicotine which, at the time of writing, remains a harmful and highly addictive substance.

The interest and good news is that there is substantially less nicotine included in the ejuice than is normally the case with regular tobacco products. And what’s more, there are now juices that have no nicotine content whatsoever.