Oxymetholone is an anadrol cycle steroid used to enhance production of the body’s red blood cells. The supplement is used when a person has low blood cells, but is preferred by bodybuilders and athletes as well. With regular use of the steroid, users can gain massive muscle mass increases, nice gains, decreased body fat, and more. The product is considered safe to use by most bodybuilders, but it is imperative that you are aware of the Oxymetholone cycle dosage and tips to achieve success with the product.

Oxymetholone cycle dosage and tips

To attain the best results when using this product, you must have very specific information so that you can get the increase in muscle size that you want. It is recommended that a testosterone booster be used when taking this product. Together, bodybuilders can get the most effective and desirable results possible in the shortest time length. Whether you are a beginning bodybuilder, ready to compete, or simply want to enhance your workout, these two supplements together have the power to impress.

It is recommended that the product be used for a period of six weeks to receive desirable results. Use of the supplement over the six-week mark is going to weaken the effectiveness of the product. After the six weeks of use, the bodybuilder should discontinue use for a period of months to clear out their system.

Up to 50 mg of this supplement can be consumed per day for the six-week period. However, newbies to the product should start with a lower dosing amount, such as the 25-mg product.  These dosing amounts make it easy to detect any allergic reactions or side effects, both of which are possible with this product being used.

With these Oxymetholone cycle dosage and tips, you can get this product and use it with advantage. What more could you want when massive muscles are on the line?